Shout louder. Go for it.

By Carrillo Pinto

I’m a nobody, I have never been somebody and, at some point, regardless that I’m a hard worker and an entrepreneur, I understood that I had reached my limits, that there was nothing else for me besides my paycheck and a six pack.

Until I made a decision.

I decided to shout louder. I understood that in a crazy world where Snapchat regulates who you really are; and, where Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are telling you 24/7 how to be successful in business, I had to make a decision.

Should i stay or should I go.

I chose to go, I chose to go for the jugular, design a map, yeah, I said a map, not a procrastinating business plan but a real circle of phases that would take me to success. And…

It didn’t happen. Yes, you heard that very clearly, it didn’t happen. And I got frustrated, I decided to go for long walks, strolls that would take for hours and hours and, hours.

I would walk so much that most bums believed that I was one of them since few people would walk the very same route over and over again without a real reason but to be just one like them; a bum.

And I became a bum. Not in the physical sense but in an emotional sense, yes, I had money in the bank, yes I had a vehicle, yes I had the chance to eat three meals a day, a Sales Manager 9 to 5 job and yes; I would take one shower a day and have a cup of coffee in the morning before hitting the internet. Where I was precisely lost.

I was definitely not a bum but in my mind, an entrepreneur mind, if you don’t make it, in time, you become a nobody. Keep in mind that you have created sort a beneficial and favorable self awareness of yourself, you don’t see yourself in a different way, you are who your mind tells you that you are on a daily basis. A loser.

Right. Silicon Valley. Here I go.

I would ask myself, where did I fail, what did I do wrong? what happened? are they right? is my mind right? am I right? should I insist in this craziness of becoming an entrepreneur? am I too old? is my accent the issue? should I just give up and move on as a salesman, as a sales manager, etc? is there after all anything for me?

And. And. And. I made a decision. I would shout louder. I would put across my message respecting the audience but shouting louder.

I would prepare my equipment the night before, I would shoot from 10 to 15 videos a day, I would select the best ones and I would try to come up with more than one logo that would eventually represent the very same concept.

And I would continue walking. On a daily basis. I would start off on 4th & Washington, walk all the way to Collins, make a left and embark on a 2 hour and 30 minute stroll over Collins til I would reach 44th, yes, the Fontainebleau and come back through Indian Creek til I hit Collins again on 26th and walk down south to 15th, make a left, and a right to move onto Ocean Drive; listen to all the people that claim to be alive, see all of the bums that were hunting me and reminding me that I was headed to their very same lifestyle. And I mean, the uninterrupted walking and the permanent failure.

Louder. Louder. Louder. I would shout louder. To the point that at times I would have to hide myself not from the neighbors but from myself. A six pack. Yes, no better remedy than a beer infusion to calm down the desperation and isolation called failure.


I knew that if only I would be able to crack the code, then and only then, I would be able to make it or at least, to be in route to success. So I did it. I understood that I needed to build a nice funnel that would create and increase the desire in my potential clients and I also understood that in order to be successful I would have to talk to everybody, pitch everybody, engage with everybody and most important, address everybody’s need; their demand. Their real demand after I would create the desire in them. Solve their problem.

How? by creating the perfect funnel and shouting louder. Than whom? Than my competition. The real one and the imaginary.

And here I am now after the success of my first online product. I survived, I was not eaten by an alligator, or a shark. I was not humiliated by Simon Cowell and most important; I finally understood that not because you fail in the beginning you are necessarily on route to become a bum.



Life Gigs – Corporate America to Delivering Pizzas

By Playa Penélope

I always thought that I had everything figured out in life. I would study, get straight As, study for my  college degree, graduate and get a fabulous job. I would be on the road to success and eventually get married and have beautiful children. But, something changed down the line.

I aged into my 50’s and I realized that life was not so easy. I did not have the facade of youth, beauty and energy that is synonymous with being able to land a big gig, job or project. I was childless which was good as I had no responsibilities other than my mortgage. And, I had a good husband who loved me regardless of my present day economics, beauty or stature.

I had been able to buy a condominium in a desirable area of Miami Beach. I was a hop, skip and a jump from the Atlantic ocean. I lived in a corner unit and the top floor of my building. I was able to tell you if the surf was up and if it was a good day to wind surf or take a leisurely swim in calm ocean waters. Life was good.

Then, one day I was caught up in corporate politics and found myself fighting for my professional life because a woman felt threatened by me at work. I ended up leaving the company and an extremely comfortable salary.

I realized that I had to reinvent myself but while I was doing so – I had bills to pay and needed to do whatever I had to do to survive. I had never been one to sit around for the perfect job to come around. I was a survivor and was not afraid to work. If I had to deliver pizzas to pay the bills, I would. And, I did.

Forward to four years later, I am no longer delivering pizzas but the memories of the 1 1/1 year gig came rushing back suddenly. I was hanging out at my friend’s restaurant enjoying the unexpected cold front in the first week of May. The air was dry and warm. Lo and behold, I ran into the person who hired me who was now delivering  pizzas for my friend..not as an employee but as one from a delivery business in Hialeah.

He recognized me and started reminiscing. I realized that I was not ashamed to tell my friend who was visiting the restaurant why I took the gig. I realized that there is no shame when you are working. The shame comes when you are not being productive and doing nothing in life. You might as well be dead because that is how you feel. Dead inside and outside. You are afraid of walking out the door and facing life. You become a hermit.

The shame comes when you have to receive a government handout. When you are doing nothing.

But, at the same time, if it is unemployment – this is money that you deserve and that you have paid into. One has to remember that. But, unfortunately, the state government does not make you feel like that. The endless forms one has to complete and the way these websites are built make you feel like a farce and a failure. I feel that as long as you are continuing to learn and develop yourself – that all is good. You need to make use of this meager income to improve and reinvent yourself. It will not last long so you need to take advantage of all it has to offer.

The issues arise when you realize that your job is to look for work and it can be disheartening. It can throw you into a depression and dark hole that you cannot get out of.  Why, you ask? Every interview and phone call where you are pitching and selling yourself about what you have done and can do – can be nerve wracking and make you feel full of anxiety. It almost seems like you are going out on a audition with many different producers, directors and casting agents. Everyone seems to be asking the same questions but in different ways.

So, I decided to work and take whatever job came my way while I was looking for the marketing job that I had educated myself to do. I was also thinking that it was time to start my own company and I did. I even thought that I could set up a delivery business. But, I did not want to do this long term. I preferred writing, observing life and recording it via photography or film.

The delivery job was incredible. I met people from all walks of life and was able to get a read on the human condition. I delivered in all of Miami Beach and was able to take my car’s convertible top down and look at the stars and moon while I was driving the streets of Miami Beach and its neighboring islands – Star Island, Palm and Hibiscus Island along the Venetian and MacArthur Causeway. The wind would blow through my hair and I would arrive at the doorstop or the door of the person waiting for their pizza with the funniest of hair-dos. Let’s just say that I did not need hairspray. Toppers here we Come!! (My hair was forever standing on end.)

I am sure that I would shock them – sometimes I would make huge tips because they felt empathy and thought that I could be their mother or sister or daughter having to do this at my age. Other times – they did not care and regardless of their income – they tipped as they saw fit. There were some incredibly well to do people who always tipped a dollar or maybe a consistent two dollar bill. Once I hit the jackpot with a 50 dollar tip. Another time, I made $100 delivering to a special party. Incredible, I thought. It was well worth the 30 odd pizzas that I delivered. Other times, if I had to deal with the staff, I would get what these team members felt I deserved due to their small mindedness or budget constraints. And, that sometimes was not much. But, I consistently made huge tips due to my gender, age, upbeat and positive attitude. I saw what a difference your attitude makes. You do not want to be a sad sack in life. No one will want to be around you. Let alone be generous to you.

I would listen to my favorite radio station – WDNA or WRLN – blasting Latin Jazz, listening to the Brazilian Hour or the WOMB at 90.5 at the University of Miami radio station – techno and house or the latest beats from the music conference of the moment.

I am very young at heart and am a true music lover when it comes to the music of the moment. Do not judge people by their age as you will always be surprised. I have met many an old and embittered spirit in a young and able body – be it man or woman.

I would listen to the BBC or public radio to keep up on what was going on in the world. I was a political news junkie and needed to keep up with the news. I still am this way.

Sometimes, my husband would accompany me and wait in the car while I delivered pizza to a mansion in Star Island. What an experience. Let’s just say that he helped me in not getting towed away or getting any parking tickets. He also seemed to enjoy the scene as he was also a writer and observer of life.

I realized that life is like a box of chocolates. Sometimes, they are all wonderful, delicious and beautiful. You might bite into a bittersweet, hazelnut creamy delight. Other times, they do not look so great but taste even more interesting and good or just plain bad.

One can never get too comfortable or smug about one’s life. One day, you can be on top of the world with everyone at your feet. Another day, you can be serving someone at their feet. Or lose everything in terms of material success and health.

There is nothing to be ashamed of when one falls down in life. We are all the same…we are made of flesh and blood. We all eat, drink and do our necessary business to continue to live healthfully. You can have all the money in the world but be a miserable person in terms of health, generosity of spirit and kindness. I truly remember all of the kind people that I met. The others were not worth my time of day but I did feel for them and always tried to make them feel good about something. One cannot get caught up in bad memories but must move forward without a backward glance. Fall down, wipe off the dirt, and keep on walking towards one’s quest. Learn and do not look back or have regrets.

I will always remember when I was able to make someone smile or someone brightened my day when greeting me at their door. Sometimes, I was able to walk through a beautiful apartment in the Continuum and get tipped lightly and other times walk through a humble neighborhood apartment in Flamingo Park and get the most generous of tips.

I learned so much about the human condition when I had this delivery gig. I would not trade it for anything. Yes, it was exhausting but I slept like a baby…from sheer exhaustion and hard work. Let’s just say that I don’t eat much pizza these days…I had my fill. It was all good but I prefer a nice churrasco steak, fresh salad and a glass of red wine. And, a dessert of blood orange sorbetto or raspberry mint gelato once in awhile. Unfortunately, I am a foodie and wine lover.

Getting back to the restaurant where I was being reminded of what I did or had done for a living. I did not feel I had fallen off my “pedestal” of a marketing professional or entrepreneur but I did relay to my friend that at the time…I thought, “Yes, this may be demeaning at first, but there is nothing shameful about work and connecting with people”.

My car suffered for it…it was not used to being in stop and go traffic and I put a good 20,000 miles on it. But, it is still running and driving like a flying dark horse through the 836, 95 or the MacArthur Causeway. Thank goodness, I do not drive a Porsche or I would be dealing with some serious speeding tickets. That is my dream car, if I could and wanted to afford it. But, I am too practical and do not need to flash or attract traffic cops. Needless to say, I am a good and cautious driver. Driving in Miami is like driving in a Caribbean Roller Derby.

One never knows how life will be as we take turns throughout the roads of life. Sometimes, you almost fall off the cliff or seem to be making a wrong turn..but, if you are patient – you can collect yourself, consult your road-map and get back on the road to success. And, that success can be whatever you define as success, a better wife, husband, son, daughter or friend. Or an evolved entrepreneur. It is up to you.

Thank You for Listening.


Guest Writer, Playa Penélope

Life Coach

Google +7

Saving Google + from Failure

By Carrillo Pinto

Failure is the devil and nobody wants to deal with him. Google + has failed and somebody has to deal with the devil. I will. To begin with, I will start by saying that like few social media platforms, Google + since day one, was set up for failure.

The minute you have a competition across the street and you don’t want to recognize his success, in this particular case, his system success, you are getting into not only deep waters but in rough waters. Google + chose not to see in his adversary his talents and abilities to dominate the market. And failed.

Google +

The platform is completely unorganized, once you click enter, a flea market shows up, you are lost, you don’t know who the hell that people is, you start to believe you have never connected with them, who are they anyway? yeah, that’s the main question, well, they are the Google + flea market people. Your friends.

Google + is lake a Ferrari that is only doing 55 mph on the highway. Period.

I’m here to fix it. Right here. Right now.

Follow me, I will show you step by step what is it that you have to do in order to reverse the future and get into the competition and start making money, because at the end of the day, it’s all about the money. Yes. Show me the money.

These are the extreme decisions that Google + has to implement immediately:

a) Google + will make sure the user has only one option in terms of location. You get to pick one location, yours, your physical community, nothing else. You get to interact with other locations and hobby communities but not on you main interface. The objective is to reorganize the purpose of the platform, which is to interact with people that are close to you, relevant to you and most important, with people you can do business with.

Google +2

b) When it comes to your community, you can only post in the language of that particular community. the minute you start posting in different languages, well, welcome to the flea market. yes, you can have a flea market but that’s an option on the side of the interface, where you can do pretty much whatever you want but never on your main interface where your real people is located, where your real interests are placed, the people that belong to your polis.

c) The contact list should be present at all times on the right bar, showing people that are online and the ones that are offline. that’s the way it is, it has always worked, it won’t change, it is what it is.

d) Each contact should show their last a brief summary of their last posting, pretty much letting you know what is it that they said, to whom and what was their intention. What you are promoting is an aggressive engagement by resuscitating their last words.

e) The interface should show one main column with the last postings of your community, however, on the side, there should be a couple of thinner columns, where the first one, shows the posting with the most engagements and the other one the chats that are generating the most impact.

Google +3

f) Once you click on the user icon, you will be immediately taken to the user’s profile where the user shows a video answering three questions: 1.- Where have you been? 2.- Where are you right now? 3.- Where are you headed to? So, the reason of this quick questionnaire is not only to generate more engagement but to showcase the real person in their real life by introducing and presenting their real purpose and intentions in life. it’s all about curiosity and that is what people are looking in other people, people looking for attention. once you grab their attention, you get their time and, once you get their time, you get their money.

g) On the left side, where options are shown, there should be an option to showcase the local influencers, where they have the chance to let people know what’s going on in the community and who are the people making the change. This option should be pretty much to promote what in trending locally but through their videos.

h) If a user happens to disagree with another contact, there should be a button within the comment area to challenge the contact and sort of demand an explanation for their opinion recently given. This is not an option to make a comment, this is just an option to debate with the contact. This option could be refused by the contact and move on.

Google +5

i) Circles should be progressively eliminated, it’s because of the circles that Google + has failed, the circles have created a huge flea market where nobody knows where they belong anymore and most important, nobody knows where to go from there. Circles are a big mess that have dissociated the platform by derailing its main goal and, the reason it was created for, to strength the community. Circles are like going to the moon but on the way to the moon getting impressed by so many stars that you decide that, eventually, you might be better off it you take a different route. Circles. A big mess that should only be an option on the left bar but never part of the interface which should be the engine that eventually drags people to purchase the products that Google + has to offer.

j) Google + can create a flea market with their circles and communities but it has to be located on the left side. The only intention of this section is to give the option for people to get lost if they choose to. However, this particular flea market should be business results driven in order to generate revenue in the near future.

Google +4

k) Reorganization means that Google + will have the option to become a social network finally and, at last. The main idea is that the user should be able to get access to the feeds the he or she signed up for and not precisely, the feeds that belong to someone living at the end of the world whose language is not even in the dictionary. A huge mess that has a solution. A tough one.



Feather Suits Line

The 3rd World War Ignited by Adidas & Nike

by Carrillo Pinto

Silicon Valley has won at everything that they have been involved in. By wearing only t-shirts at the office,  when it comes to clothing, they have won as well, regardless of the support of Zuckerberg and Gary Veynerchuk. The suit still is and will continue to be, the office outfit, whether you like it or not. it is what it is.



Silicon Valley still wins. How? by pushing the envelope on cutting edge technology that has to be lighter and lighter and, if technology becomes lighter, well, suits have to follow the very same route, yeah, just like Tesla, just like the Virgin’s CEO, Richard Branson’s outfits, he would always wear a white color, very light suit.

The message…

I get it, I know what’s going on, I can anticipate your next move.

A 250 billion dollar business is at stake that will not be eluded by neither Adidas not Nike. But why since this is not their market? Because of power, but why power? What does power has to be with a lighter suit? Because of winning. But what does winning have to be with power? Success?  I don’t get it. Well, if you don’t, you are lost. there is no second place, whether you win or you lose. The minute you win, you want to be lighter and if you become lighter, you become powerful.


Adidas & Nike are no stranger to power, they know it, they live it, they enjoy it. But. But they want more and, how do they get more power. Well, by listening to the audience. yeah right, they used to be customers, nowadays, they have become audiences. So, their audience wants to become lighter and if that is what they want, it won’t take to long for any of these brands to deliver the goods at your doorstep soon enough.

Only two brands have not only the authority, status but most important, the prestige to launch this new line “The Feather Suits”, only two brands have already conquered the market in such a way that they don’t have to ask for permission, they have already earned the right to ask for the money. Adidas & Nike.

This market is so huge that I will give you an example to depict the scenario that executives go through on a daily basis. People wear athletic outfits mostly when they go to the gym or when they exercise outdoors and that only happens, let’s be generous and, let’s assume that everybody works out, ok, once a week; however, when it comes to outfits, executives wear them 5 times a week and, if they happen to attend a traditional church, synagogue or mosque, they will end up wearing a suit 6 times a weeks. So you like numbers, there you go, have fun with them!

It’s a monster market that is eager for a change, the delivery of a lighter suit, a more trending suit, a suit that will portray their inner desires of being successful and most important, a winner. We are living in the most egotistical society ever where a selfie has become the epitome of our times. It’s all about me. Well, it could be about you only if you follow me.

Adidas & Nike know what’s going on, they know that traditional brands like Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Anderson & Sheppard, H. Huntsman, Caraceni, Brooks Brothers, Gucci , Prada, Yves Saint-Laurent, Gieves & Hawkes, Brioni, Kiton, Hickey-Freeman, etc., cant’t deliver the light suit that only they can, but why, because of name recognition and of course, technology, remember Tesla, Silicon Valley, the Freudian theory of association? There you go, that’s the reason why; and most important, instead of getting a suit for almost 5 grand, you can get one more contemporary, more millennial and more trendy for only $750 dollars, how about that?


Have you ever asked yourself why would Richard Branson post a picture on Instagram with friends on his island? Because he is bragging about it? No, not a chance. he just wants to show the world that he is living a lighter life, a life surrounded by water, fitness, success, beautiful people, healthy features, good choices and most important, a life of taking actions; the sine qua non reason for successful people to claim they made it on the basis that they executed actions that the rest of the people didn’t.

The subliminal message “I’m better than you” won’t be ignored nor go unnoticed. Adidas & Nike already know what is at stake and none of them are wasting their time, they both know that by 2018 this is going to be the trend, The Feather Suits based on the notion that people are willing to pay for a bottle of water up to $5 dollars, sign up to a cross-fit gym pursuing not precisely to be fit but to become powerful on the basis that they have become lighter. You get the idea now? OK, jump in, i will give you some reasons why this is the next move for Adidas & Nike.

It’s not unknown to anybody that most male models are young people, well, let me tell you, young people are called millennials and they love brands, like never before, millennials are defined by brands. And they love Adidas & Nike not because Hollywood actors and presidents wear these brands but because athletes wear them and, what do athletes have? Power, but what kind of power? They are lighter and successful. Young people are the ones who introduce the last trends in fashion, they are the ones who make the decision regarding what’s next not the fashion designer.

There is a battle at the office coming up, young people will impose their new outfits led by two very accomplished brands, Adidas & Nike, two brands fighting for a 250 billion market.

Curiously, the logos are engraved on the fabric at different places on the suit but their appearance is almost invisible pretending not to be identified, however, on the inside, a water downed number shows up again, at different places of the interior. This number could be custom made or just chosen from the line, with or without the number. The extreme version is no other than the suit presenting an engraved sports number on the back of the suit definitely invisible but with the ability to glow at a dark room or a special shadow. Are you ready?

One of the most popular version will be naturally, the suit showing a very elegant football and soccer ball stitching that reflects not only the lightness of the outfit but the most intrinsic characteristic of a sport ensemble.

In a world where jogging has become part of a great portion of the population life, in a world where eating healthy, taking dietary supplements, doing yoga and meditation, postponing having kids, avoiding junk food and, most important, in a world where Snapchat tells you that if your video disappears in 24 hours you become lighter and lighter, well, Adidas & Nike has found an empire.


This empire has the connotations of every empire, not to mention that in itself, they are already used to being an empire, however, this case is different, they will have to disrupt a market already occupied by prestigious luxury brands. So, their only and only plan is not precisely to share the market but to dominate it. Adidas & Nike are not going to take any chances. They are going full circle, they intent to completely dominate and displace the competition.

People spend thousands of dollars in diet programs, in infomercial dietary products that most of the time don’t have the effect they were expecting, so, at this point, what people are really looking for is something real and, in this case, there is nothing more real that two extremely prestigious brands that have grown with all of us and that most important, represent the success that most people are looking for. Being lighter.

A suit tailored with lighter fabrics for summer, spring and autumn and a lighter suit specifically tailored with a thermal interior for the winter season is the perfect combination for success. However, only two brands are in the capacity to take a 250 billion market, Adidas & Nike, no one else, but why, because at this point you have to be very audacious and strong to tackle the traditional brand suits if you want to defeat them. Only Adidas & Nike, two brands known for an extraordinary research and development effort can claim their portion of the market first and then, total domination.

Let’s get the 3rd World War get started. Who will take the biggest share? Adidas or Nike? Whoever comes up with the line first wins and believe me, this time is not precisely about winning, it’s all about a market of 250 billion dollars.




The Selfie Management: Listen Up Silicon Valley!

by Miguel Carrillo

Social media brought a lot of hope for people who in reality had a freelance spirit, social media became an opportunity to the way out from the 9 to 5 job. At least that’s what most of the people thought in the beginning. Forget about the first online dating sites & MySpace, let’s consider the start of the era of social media since Twitter, Facebook & YouTube came out (2005 – ’06.) However.

As the years went by, subscribers and non subscribers, realized that as much as engagement was essential and crucial to succeed in this new communication world, there was something missing, a single piece that in the end, would reveal the true nature of social media.

And then, all of the sudden, a new era would take the world by storm, the selfie way of life (2012), the only and the best way to tell everybody who you really are, in other words, the best way to reveal all of Freud’s theories about the human unconscious in a selfish picture. It’s all about me.

Me. Me. Me.

And now what? So, if it is all about you, me, them? what about engagement? I thought engagement was a priority but it seems that it is not anymore. Then, when digging deeper into the social media labyrinth, I realized, yes, I. That, the real meaning of social media had never being other that the classic way of human interaction; social media had become just a different way to express the very same intentions that people have had since the beginning of humanity. We all want attention. We all need attention.

The reality is that what we all believed was here to change the way “We The People” interact, didn’t have a more generous, merciful, comprehensive, compassionate and “coming from the bottom of my heart demeanor. It was not true. There has never being that intention on anybody’s mind. It has been since day one, all about us. Me, you, them.

In the end, people didn’t end up interacting, yeah, maybe some people did but for the most part, people are still very lonely and no matter how successful might be at the new “cure for relationships”: social media, they are still lonely. But why?

Easy. Social media became just another venue to put yourself across, to embark in a monologue pretending you are paying attention to others but only with the intention of pursuing to let everybody who you are and what kind of value you bring to the table.

Social media was never meant to listen to the other ones. That was a huge mistake that Silicon Valley is starting to understand now that so many companies have failed at generating a profit. They thought it was all about engagement. Not a chance. Good bye twitter, good bye Yahoo. I will never forget you.

It was all about you.


Do you have a surviving strategy?

by Carrillo Pinto

In 1998 VIAGRA dealt with an unknown market full of uncertainty and taboo. The blue pill was launched and Pfizer ended up dominating and owning the the whole pie.

In 2002 CIALIS ha no choice but to pursue positioning, differentiation and segmentation. And. After trials and errors, they finally made it.

What about you? are you a pioneer, a visionary or you prefer to take action after someone else has already tested the market?



The Value of Becoming a YouTuber in Social Media in 2017

That was not my intention, I was in between jobs and life didn’t look so promising. Yes,  I was frustrated.

Put on a nice suit, picked my Cannon Vixia video camera, checked out the directions on how to get from South Beach to this company that was renting executives suits in Downtown Miami and took off on my pick up truck sweating, trembling, unsure, uncertain and not that optimistic.

I’m a car salesman, yes, one of those. Period. You’ve got the whole picture. If I see you coming my way at the dealership, I only see money and yes, I want to assist you but my main motivation is to make money off of you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bad person, at least my wife reminds me every single day that I’m just doing my job. I pray and read my Bible. I’m not a shark.

As soon as I got to the shared executive office, I paid with my credit card and I said I wanted the conference rooms added since I was planning on shooting videos. I was scared.  The future seemed very dark. It was a point of no return. I sat at my desk, look at the two conference rooms and waited for about 45 minutes. I already knew what kind of topics I wanted to discuss on my videos and again, I was scared.

On minute 46, I went into the first conference room, set up my video camera, I found the best location, I breathed deeply and began shooting. Two hours later, I was on MacArthur Causeway on my way home.

And then came the nightmare, editing. An everlasting nightmare.

In time I was able to overcome these obstacles with some help, arguments and hitting my head against the wall.

I recorded 10 videos on how to sell vehicles and BOOM!!! I never dreamed about the boom, I never sought the boom; however, in time, I realized that without a boom, there is not success in social media.

This is what I learnt:

1) You need to find a niche, a topic you are passionate about and a target audience.

2) You need to TAKE ACTION.

3) You need to resolve a problem.

4) You need to come up with a professional presentation, at least a logo and a nice BIO view. No need to present professional videos yet.

5) You need to be patient while you share your videos on the whole social media arena.

6) You need to constantly add new videos or at least have a release date on monthly basis.

7) You need to forget about becoming a YouTuber, keep in mind that you will be selected out of 10,000 if you don’t happen to follow the above steps.

8) The minute you start getting comments, you need to ENGAGE immediately.

9) Once you hit the 50 views a day mark, you need to reach out to similar YouTubers and start interviewing them for your channel. Collaboration marketing.

10) At this point, you are already on your way to become a Internet Marketer, meaning SEO, funnels, re-targeting, pixels, affiliate marketing, coding, Google ads, FB & Instagram ads, Twitter ads, YouTube ads, info & wisdom marketing. Yes, Frank Kern, he is our mentor, the first Internet Marketing guru.

If you follow these phases, this is what you will achieve:

a) Status

b) Authority

c) Prestige

And only then, you can charge for your own products.

As I said, I never wanted to become a YouTuber, that was not my intention but yes, I’m an entrepreneur, money is always on my mind. At that point, I was not aware of Internet Marketing, all I wanted was to share my knowledge of the automobile industry with a Spanish speaking audience. Little that I know, I was entering an undiscovered niche that 3 years later will take me to the launching on my first info digital product in English and Spanish.



Competition to the death

by Carrillo Pinto

I have had the luck of working in almost of the industries that are known today. But, not all. This has allowed me to meet many professionals. But, not all. I have always asked myself the same question. Why are some more successful than others.

It is not news that I am in sales. In this sales world, some are more successful than others. The same question comes up. Why? The answer is not working more hours.

One of the few things that I am sure of is that the competitive spirit of a salesperson allows him to achieve his goals. We all know that not all of the months are the same when it comes to sales. Some months are very good to be able to pay the bills. And, other months are so-so.

What is certain is that the competitiveness of salesperson helps him reach his goals. If you have reached this fourth paragraph, like sales, know what I am talking about – I want you to know that this is not what I wanted to talk about but only the introduction.

I am C.P. and I love sales. I work 7 days a week and sleep little. I drink a strong cup of coffee in the morning. I don’t have breakfast. Before I go to work, I pray with my wife. I spend $3.50 a day in tolls commuting to work. I do not eat lunch. When I get home, I share a 2-3 beers with my wife.

Salesmen like to get together in groups. It is not always the same place. It is usually a place where the most competitive people like to gather. The discourse is always the same. They like to tell war stories and how they arrived where they are. The weaker salesmen listen without being able to participate. But, they don’t understand how they got there.

I usually do not participate. Neither whether I am the best or the worse salesman. My comments are short. Usually, only the person next to me listens to me. I prefer to be ignored.

After I reached 30 years old, I went though a similar experience. A great friend of mine who was very competitive and successful in the Chicago stock exchange, died after undergoing a serious heart operation. I arrived late at the funeral and the burial. But, I got there. All of his friends were reunited. One was from Eton College. One was soon to graduate from Oxford and another from Harvard. Not much was said about the deceased and more was said about different projects everyone was involved in. That was only time I drank whiskey as I mostly drink beer.

I told you that all of the above was an introduction. I told you that I love sales. With much sadness, after having studied the world of sales. Seeing the success and failure of salesmen. The significance of war stories. Why some salesmen are more competitive than others. The only conclusion that I have reached is that death is the true failure. The one who dies loses. No matter how competitive you are, you need to understand that one day everything ends.