When Food Replaced Sex in Advertising Campaigns

By Carrillo Pinto

At some point probably 15 years ago, at the early stages of the new millennial, not only marketers but manufactures and CEO’s understood that things had changed dramatically, that no longer the numbers one purchase driven forced in the market was actually the number one. It had been replaced by the second one, the underdog one, the one nobody paid attention ever since radio, TV and the papers started off bombarding the audience with sex subliminal related commercials. An era is gone forever. Welcome to the new era. Food.

Advertising agencies had always known that sex sells. Yes. And sells a lot. Nobody can argue that statement, it’s a fact. Not to mention the car industry, where if for any reason, there is no woman on the vehicle, chances is that the vehicle won’t be a success. Sex sells but… Pornography has transformed sex into an exclusive department where any other participant, if any, will have to ask for permission when pretending to use their features on the screen. It’s a no no, pornography has made sure that no one else had the ability to showcase their territory talents in the market anymore. Nowadays, sex belongs to porn and has found a cozy home to live in.

But how did it happened? 15 years ago, pornography was not accessible to the masses like it is now. In order to buy a naughty magazine, you would be forced to go through the humiliation and embarrassment letting everyone ahead of you and behind you in line that you were no other that a pervert. Well, that’s in the past, now you just type the right words on your keyboard and bingo! you’ve got it, a whole world of fantasies lay down in front of you. Pornography became overrated on TV and marketers got the message.

At the same time, with the advent of Viagra, women had the feeling that regardless that they were going to be the first beneficiaries of the blue pill, in reality, the laboratories were not thinking of them precisely but of men. Women began to wonder and asked themselves “but what about me?” The answer was not running late, in fact, it was about to knock on their doors.

Publicists know for a fact that women are and will always be the household decision makers, so, they know exactly who to target when they launch a commercial at the Superbowl, they know what to expect and when will it happen. How come? Women do the grocery shopping, not men. Yes some men do but keep in mind that this is about numbers; most women do the grocery shopping. They are the ones to be target for.

Only when marketers realized that in order to capture the women’s attention, they would have to change the shift from sex to food, they were able to celebrate; and it has been so far, the biggest achievement of their industry by pleasing women on TV screen for food rather than in terms of sex. it only happened 15 years ago and now most people understand why food shows sell so much on TV and why there are so many chefs celebrities. Not because people are hungry, yes, they are but because, the new libido is now longer sex but food. If Sigmund Freud only knew.

Food has become the new sublime sexual gratification and it’s been exploited very well by most advertising agencies. By general rule, men and women go through a menopause phase and by the time it’s over, sex become an obligation more than a fountain of pleasure; at that point, marketers find an extraordinary market to attack with food since food becomes their first choice of self gratification. Baby boomers are constantly attacked with food related commercials and usually, they don’t even know what’s going on. Well, they are being pitched big time.

Not too long a go people used to say “I think of sex 24 hours a day” and I mean, men and women. Today, people say “I think of food 24/7″ What happened? Did eventually these advertise targeted people changed their minds or did somebody at a sales meeting came up with this great idea that at some point sex would be replaced by food? it’s happening now.

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20 Reasons why Bad People Rise to the Top in Corporate America

by Carrillo Pinto

1. They always have a plan. Game plans and strategies are always on their mind.

2. They are more competitive. They are always trying to do better than the rest of the pack.

3. They are hungrier.

4. They are better at public relations.

5. They are chameleons. They provide different personas in all scenarios. You might see their serious side to some key decision makers and a lighter character to others.

6. They work harder than everyone else. They are not afraid to work to reach their goals.

7. Their families are very important to them. Their work colleagues and friends are not as relevant. They keep in touch with friends and colleagues but not that deeply.

8. They are able to cross the line and become an entrepreneur. They are always ready to walk away from the company if things don’t work out.

9. Corruption is part of their DNA. Anything is possible with this type of mindset.

10. They do not have any qualms in buying people off in the company. Be it buying them lunch, dinner, donuts, coffee or tickets to the upcoming football game – they will do it to achieve their goals.

11, Their conversations are always full of menace and veiled threats. Listen carefully and you will understand.

12. They are always comparing themselves to other people. Their world is full of comparisons. They want to have the better house, car or clothes than the rest.

13. They insult their work colleagues without any remorse. An insult comes readily and does the job.

14. They love to humiliate their work colleagues. They revel in this and is part of their repertoire.

15. They are very organized. Being a mess is not for them. Organization is the key to execution.

16. They are very good at making strategic alliances with decision makers in the company. They network and set up allies throughout the company.

17. They don’t think twice about eliminating someone especially if they were friends. They will do anything to get ahead and if that means that someone has to go – so be it.

18. They like to talk about war stories. They are very good at being storytellers.

19. They have a very good sense of humor. Jokes and light-hearted banter works all the time. Life is short. People like being around humorous people – it makes the day less stressful.

20. No one knows more about human resources than they do. They know all the ins and outs of working with human resources.


How to Ask with Confidence

I am a salesman. I have never had a problem asking for the sale. I act like I am having a conversation with a friend. I am always waiting for the perfect moment to ask for the sale. I feel comfortable doing this. I don’t need to put on a poker face when asking for it. I am always confidant that the presentation of the product was excellent.

Many salesmen fail because of the fear of being rejected. For the fear of losing the sale. With that uncertainty, they lose out on the sale. At that moment, the client is made aware that the salesman is not confidant of what he is selling. If the salesman in not sure of the product he is selling than why should the client buy it?

This fear is one of the variables of the sales process that determines if the sale will be a success or failure. It is made of phases. The phase of approaching the client. The phase of creating rapport. The presentation phase. The closing phase. Finally, the delivery phase.

These first three paragraphs are only an introduction to this article. Ask. Nothing is more difficult that to ask a friend a favor. No one likes to be rejected. No one likes to owe favors. No one likes to reconnect with someone to ask them for a favor. No one likes to bother people. This morning I made a list of 15 acquaintances that I would ask a favor from. Remember, I am salesman. I am not afraid of asking for anything. But, I was scared. My hands trembled over my keypad on my computer and phone. Of the 15 people I asked, 11 said yes and 4 ignored me or did not respond to me. I am not resentful as no one likes to do favors. I learned something this morning. Just ask.

PS: And this is the reason I was forced to ask:

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Make sure you get the job

Nobody wants to know who you really are. When being interviewed for a job position, make sure you answer exactly what the interviewer wants to hear, no more than that, no less than that. Keep in mind that the interviewer has already somebody in mind, a personality, a character, a team player, a leader, etc. She doesn’t want to get to know you, she already has a family, she already has friends, in fact, you are the last person she wants to make friends with. Don’t waste your time.

Look at her in the eyes. Find out what her path is going to be, where she is heading to and please, do me a favor, in reality, do my LinkedIn followers a favor. Please, smile. Agree with her, have empathy with her. Keep in mind that what she wants, what she is looking for, what she intends to recruit is someone just like her, just like the dream candidate she has always dreamed with. Be that person she wants you to be.

Remember. You’ve got a plan, you are not lost, you know where you are headed to. You are headed to what she is headed to. Very simple. Just follow her. But why? Because she is not lost. You are. She is got the job, You don’t. She has quiet a few shots. You only have one. Don’t waste it.

Pride? Who said pride? Me. Swallow it. Let her have a tiki bar party with you, let her believe you are the pearl she had lost the last time she interviewed a hundred candidates and never got a hold of the one she understood was the right candidate for the position after she decided to hire someone else. Let her believe, you are part of her “Climbing the ladder fantasies”. Yes, repeat it, “Yes”, “I agree with you”, “I’m so sorry it happened to you”. You are her partner, you are her follower. That’s all she wants, a follower.

When ever she has a “Pause moment’, share a personal story, get it very personal, get it very intimate, not sexually intimate of course, but very personal. A disease, a lost of a home, a car repossession, an abnormal debt challenge. Make it look like a battle to vindicate your honor and pride. A silent vendetta, a wishful thought, a desire to pursue the chance to make it even if chances and opportunities are given.

Now she is agreeing with you. Slow down. You’ve got it. She has made a decision. You don’t want to ruin it. Shut up. Let her talk. Now she is sharing with you personal and very intimate stuff. She is in her 3rd marriage, she has had 7 kids, she has been all around the world and on top of that… She is only 47 years old. You open your mouth and you say “Wow’… Smile, she is always right, you are definitely the candidate she has been looking for all week since she lost contact with the person she believed was the right fit for the position. You look at her, you shut your mouth. You let her talk. She gets excited. She calls up HR. They bring you the whole paperwork to fill out. You are hired.

You have a plan. You know what you want. You are not going to let a 3rd party interfere in your present, your future and eternity. Let her celebrate the amazing hiring. Smile. She is excited. You are as well. Life is good. Look down at your shoes, look at your pants, look down at your tie, rub your fingers through your jacket and have the feeling that you did what you were supposed to do. Say “Yes, I agree with you”.

You are hired. Shut up.



The Pilates Effect: AOL & myspace

By Carrillo Pinto

Only 10 years ago when we all thought that the internet had already been captured by two very notorious companies, AOL and myspace, it never crossed our minds that eventually those two popular brands would eventually disappear in a matter of a few years; just be honest, you said “brand recognition” “loyalty”, “great customer service”, etc. Nope. None of those reasons were precisely the source of their popularity and total domination. Utility.

Customers are usually underestimated when companies launch their products or services to the market. The belief that clients become loyal on the basis of great customer service or personality adherence to the brand is wrong. that doesn’t exist anymore. Today’s customers are just looking for the product that is going to solve their problems; being able to find a solution to a dead end situation is what drives customers to products.

Like never before, products have become commodities and clients have gotten more and more experts when trading them. What was popular back in 2013 might be dead nowadays in 2015, what is hot right now, might not survive next year. AOL and myspace went away to the moon when Yahoo! and YouTube stepped into the market. Utility. “I don’t need you anymore, thanks for everything, I’m closing the account”.

Yes, there will always be a fraction of the customers that no matter what, they will buy only a Land Rover, they will only buy a place Bel Air, they will only fly first class and go grocery shopping where people wearing their same gym gear go to. That is not going to change. What have changed is that customers are no longer getting married to any brand. In fact they are not getting married to anybody but their pockets and bank accounts. Utility.

Yes, I’m talking to you. You were the one who said “Those Korean brands won’t make it in the American market: Hyundai and Kia” Well, you were wrong, not only they already made it but, in time, they will take over the market just like Japanese Toyota did not too long ago. Yes, I’m talking to myself as well. I was one of those.

Clients will make a decision in terms of what they find in the market, advertising, social media and walk ins and, in terms of word of mouth. The decision will usually revolves on the utility of the product or service. Brand recognition, loyalty and customer satisfaction will not play a decisive role but what is going to meet my needs. In other words, TV commercials, radio and social media are not affecting the decision making as we all think they are. Customers are buying according to what they believe is the best product that fits their budget and needs.

Like never before, nobody wants to be like someone else. Yes, people will buy a magazine where Kim Kardashian is on the cover but they will use the info to feed their own desires. The minute somebody else takes over Kim Kardashian’s media attention, customers will migrate to that person and forget everything about the previous one. Utility.

2,000 years ago, the Jewish people had to decide between Jesus and an insurrectionist, Barrabas. Just a few days ago Jesus had been welcome in Jerusalem like a king where; name recognition, loyalty and customer service were his best assets, however, the people chose to liberate Barrabas and Jesus ended up being crucified. Pilates washed his hands and became the first social media manager in using the term “utility marketing” for posterity.


A Movie Treatment for Paul Verhoeven as NASA Plans on Flying to the Judeo-Christian Heaven

By Carrillo Pinto

Regular day at NASA headquarters in Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, a muted wind blows the air like whispering a hidden secret on Bob’s ears “Today is your day” He picks up his lunchbox, goes to the cafeteria and sits by himself with no company at all. He is isolated, he is a scientist, he doesn’t like people, he just likes to research deep and deep into greater possibilities of going somewhere else; but, to where else? back to the moon? mars? a passing through comet? No. He is exhausted, he believes there is more to investigate, he believes there is still a place where his people can fly to, a place where he is pretty sure there should be live, human life? not sure about that.

Bob has been working on the black holes and so far so good, he hasn’t found nothing exceptional that would eventually take him to the next level. The only reason for him to be at NASA, to find something huge, something relevant, something that will defy the odds and will finally conclude his lifetime research. A breakthrough. He opens up his lunchbox and he’s got 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that will satisfy his hunger all the way until 7pm when he will go back home; a humble apartment not to far away from NASA where he spends his nights thinking about “What’s next?”.

Nobody likes him at NASA , he is aware of that but he doesn’t care anyway, he is not there to make friends, he is an extremely introvert individual and he could careless about having friends or being recognized as their buddy. He is got a goal. He is determined to achieve hi dreams. He won’t stop until he is convinced that he did everything in his means to do so. But this is s different day, he has been working on some math equations and he is curious about where the hell these equations will take him to. He finishes his sandwiches and returns to his cubicle “I know there is something else but I don’t know what it is”…

He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke. Math. Math. Math. It’s all about math. Bingo! He has found a hidden place where he believes there should be life. But where is it located? beyond mars? No. it’s located inside a pipeline that involves a variety of black holes that eventually lead to a final black hole where he believes there is life. He runs to his boss where NASA Administrator Mr. Bolden awaits for his findings. He stomps the door and enters heavily, Mr. Bolden reacts “What happened? he asks “I found it, I just found the a place where we will find life” he said “Calm down, get some water and explain to me where is it located” Bob calms down, he is excited but does his best to get back his composure “I’m fine, it’s just that I’ve been looking for this planet for my whole life, even since I was in college and now I have found it” Bob describes where the planet is located and how to get there and most important, what it takes to get there. Mr. Bolden listens and can’t resist to celebrate with Bob “It’s a wonderful day Bob, I believe we can start making plans to get there by 2027, how about that?” he asks “No, it’s already 2023, I won’t be able to wait 4 more years, it has to be in 2 at the most” he replies “Impossible, there is no way we can get there in 2 years, no way at all” Bolden answers kind of frustrated and Bob concludes “We will, it’s just a matter of who will fly to this place, astronaut Evans? astronaut Robertson? astronaut Douglas?” Silence.

NASA begins preparations to get to this point in the universe which has been nominated “Babel” and they really don’t understand why but they believe it’s the right name for such an endeavor. Evans, Robertson and Douglas are part of the team been trained to fly to Babel. Douglas is a female astronaut. 2 weeks later another female astronaut is added to the team, astronaut Moore. So, it’s 4 people now flying to Babel.

It’s been almost 2 years, preparations to fly to babel are almost ready, the launching could take place anytime soon, astronauts has already been warned to say goodbye to their relatives in advance. All of them are already staying at Cape Canaveral waiting for the okay to take off. It’s night time and the time has come, they are flying to Babel tonight if nothing else happens in between those hours of final instructions. They all aboard the shuttle, get ready and wait for the countdown to take off. They are on their way to Babel, everything is working as planned, no incidents, the take off is perfect. Hope is the word that describes the mood at the Kennedy Space Center.

It’s been 13 days since the shuttle took off, signals and messages are coming through without any problem, everything is working fine, no incidents to report at all. The firs black hole it’s about to be encountered anytime soon. Evans, the captain of the mission believes that if they go through the first hole peacefully without encountering any kind of trouble, the rest of the flight will be easier. However, that is not precisely what happens, regardless that the final stage, when exiting the first black hole, the shuttle flips over and loses it’s way but with a little bit of help of Cape Canaveral and some luck, the shuttle gets back on track en route to the second black hole, the one that will take them to a different milky way as they will leaves ours.

Douglas and Moore laugh and make the trip easier for Evans and Robertson. Bob is excited but wonders if ” They will ever be able to come back?” The answer is no, Do they know it? Yes they do. By now, they know they are not coming back as much as they haven’t lost contact with the earth. Evans is concerned about the third black hole, for some reason, he thinks that as soon as they enter it, they will be transported to an absolute different dimension, something that excites him but scares him as well since he knows that that will be the last time they have hope to ever return to earth. They discuss the possibilities of not entering in the third black hole, however, they have a mission to accomplish, they are American astronauts, they are not there to give up on the opportunity of a lifetime. Evans votes yes, Robertson votes no, Douglas votes no and Moore votes yes. They decide to flip the coin and it falls flat on the floor. It’s a yes. They will never see their families again. Most likely, all of them will die as soon as food and oxygen is gone. Douglas cries, Moore consoles her, however, they have reached a point of no return. They will never come back and Evans decides to enter the third black hole as he closes his eyes expecting that a miracle will happen and they will eventually find life in Babel. He knows deep in his heart that that will not happen.

On their way to Babel they are surprised to see strange human figures that fly very fast as they light up, however, they look like human contours but not necessarily they are. They just enjoy to see such an entertaining display of lights running towards the same objective, and that’s is precisely what gets the attention of Evans; he believes that those lights are going somewhere, that those lights are not just a random lights lost in eternity; they should be going somewhere, to a place absolutely unknown to them. It’s been 3 months since they left planet earth and as much as they still keep in touch with Cape Canaveral, they know that they will never see each other again. As the shuttle enters the fourth black hole, everything changes and they have the feeling that something strange is happening to all of them, something that goes beyond human understanding. Evans keeps calmed but knows that what they are feeling is not natural, it not something that they would expect on a trip like this. They exit the fourth black hole and they all have the feeling that there is nothing more out there, that the universe finally has an end. Wrong. Evans notes that if they keep moving forward, eventually another black hole will show up and they will find Babel. They all know Babel should be next but they can’t find the fifth black hole.

They are happy they just found the entrance to the fifth black hole. Silence. There is nothing to lose at this point. Contact with planet earth hasn’t been lost, so they still believe they might eventually be successful at their mission. Why not? It’s been almost four months since they left the Kennedy Station, it’s about time to get results. As they go through the fifth black hole, they’ve got the feeling that something extremely special is going on but they have no clue of the source of it. They finally exit the fifth black hole and are headed to a place that they acknowledge could eventually be Babel. It’s a tunnel, a lightning tunnel that has a more brilliant light at the end. Multiple colors. They are excited, they are finally getting to Babel. Rob gets emotional and is positive about getting to the right place, Babel. Everybody is crossing fingers at Cape Canaveral. All of the sudden, communication gets interrupted, there is no more contact with the Kennedy Station. The shuttle is finally lost in the universe. As they exit the tunnel, they can’t believe their eyes, that is Babel in front of them, they just have to land and start to live the dream of conquering a new planet with eventually potable water, fresh oxygen and food.

Evans is surprised when he realizes the atmosphere of Babel it’s very similar to the one on the earth. They start landing on Babel and all of them are crying of excitement, they can’t believe they finally made it. As soon as they land, they are very happy to notice that they won’t have to use their helmets as the temperature and environment conditions are exactly identical as the one on planet earth. The first one in jumping on Babel is astronaut Moore and then the rest of the crew. They all decide to go for a walk since the conditions are excellent. On their way to a robust mountain, they realize that there is music coming from somewhere, it’s a very soft music and gets louder as they approach the mountain. Once they get to the shore of the mountain, they are surprised to see a path that will take them to whatever is across the mountain. They follow the way and they can’t believe their eyes, there is actually life on Babel. Evans is the first one to take the initiative to get closer to them, however, as he intents to approach to a gathering of people standing right next to a water fountain; he is interrupted by a sort of a police officer that asks him very gently who is him and how did his crew was able to get access to Eden “Eden? is that the way you call this place sir?” “Yes it’s Eden, you didn’t know where you are” “No, we don’t know where we are, we just know we believe we just landed on Babel” “Babel? I’m familiar with that word, let me take you to someone who will explain to you exactly where you are”…

The crew is all excited, mostly because, regardless that they might never be able to come back home, they have already found a place to live in and it’s exactly what they were looking for, an earth kind of planet. They are taken to a compound that has white columns at the entrance, it’s sort of a palace ant they are surprised to see so many people on their knees like if they were praying to someone. The sensation of peace and the assurance that everything will be all right calms all of them down since they know that whatever happens, this is good people and they will not be harmed. Robertson can’t believe his eyes when he sees his grandma looking exactly like she used to look on those vintage pictures that he saw on his mom’s night stand when growing up. Grandma gets closer to him and just smiles at him but won’t talk. He doesn’t know what’s going on. Robertson tells the crew that he believes that’s his grandma on his mom’s side that past away while they were being trained for this mission back in 2024.

They are left in a white room with very comfortable furniture and screens all over the walls. A higher ranked officer gets in the room and begins to talk “This is the first time that anyone ever has gotten access to Eden without being invited by Adonai, you have to be invited by Adonai, otherwise, you will have to return to where you came from” He keeps talking “There is a book of life in the city where your names should be written, so, at this point, we will have to make sure that at least your names are written on that book, otherwise, you will have to return immediately. They all have to follow this leader that as he leads them to this called “Book of life” he gives orders to different people in terms of what they should be doing next. Everybody seems to be happy, including the crew. Only Douglas is concerned, she has the feeling that this is not what she was expecting. As they get to the book of life, they realize the book is enormous and that they will have to use a ladder in order to find their names. As soon as Moore jumps on, she realizes that the names are written in Arameo but seems that it’s very understandable. She finds her name, the city where she was born in and more information that she had already forgotten. Robertson is next and he doesn’t find his name. Evans is next and he finds his name. Douglas is the last one and she doesn’t find her name and she asks “So, what’s the point?” “Ok, I couldn’t find my name, is there something that I’m missing out?” “Eternal life” answers the officer in charged.

From this point on, they are told that they are in a very special place, that they don’t understand how is it that they got here and that someone else will have to make a decision concerning their destinies. Evans responds immediately claiming that all they want is to go back home, that if there is a chance to go back home, they prefer to return immediately. The officer responds that he is not entitle to make those decisions, that first of all them will have to determine what happened and how did they got here because it has never happened in the past “And I’ve been here since the creation, I’m one of the first angels to be created by God”… What! answers Evans “Where are we now?” “Heaven, you are in heaven Evans, this is heaven”…

Note: This is just a summary of the treatment in order to get the Copyright of the Library of Congress. This is just a glance of what it;s gonna happen and how this could have happen. This is not a Christian movie, this is a mainstream movie that touches a part of the Judeo-Christian belief that there is a place called heaven where only some people will have access granted by God and consequently, eternal life. Will the NASA crew be able to return to Cape Canaveral or Houston. We will see.

To be continued.

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Relaunching the Best Ever Brand: The Beatles

By Carrillo Pinto


London CEO

A Plan to Resurrect The Beatles

Social media has transformed the way we all communicate with each other and most important, with the world. Social media has shown all of us that we are eager to devour multiple products at the same time and that we get hungrier by the hour. Business models have changed. So has music.

Brands like Ford, Coca Cola, Barbie, NASA, The New York Times, Apple, 20th Century Fox, etc., are constantly being renewed and nobody complains about it, on the contrary, customers are ready to assimilate the new product, in other words, they are very welcome. People love new stuff, they feel fresher and remodeled and by the time the new product is out in the market, well, most likely, people don’t even remember what happened in the past. All they want is the new stuff, the ability to be ALIVE & KICKING. And yes, some people will try to boycott the project, block it and even organize protest around the world; however, in the end, what endures is what people choose. Life.
a) Forget about protesters, the minute they realize that The Beatles are about to be resurrected into a new band formed by 15, 16, 17 year olds exceptional and extraordinary teenagers musicians, they will explode. There is no such a thing as bad publicity.

b) A band will be formed within the months of May, June & July of 2015 with the intention of capturing the best new Beatles members.

c) Auditions will be performed in Liverpool under a very discreet management. Musicians will never be informed of what lies ahead until they are officially selected.

d) Paul McCarthy and Ringo Starr will be invited to write some songs and most likely they will agree, contrary to most people would think, trust me, they will.

e) Selected musicians will try to write some songs Beatles related but with a modern touch, however, if they are not capable of doing so, professional writers will be hired and why not, Oasis lead singer who claims there in nothing like The Beatles.

f) (03) LPs will be launched named “1”, “2”, “3” and then, The Beatles will separate again. This whole process is expected to last at least 5 years.

g) The Beatles will create their own identity since it’s been 45 years now since the band separated but always respecting their predecessors attitudes, costumes, styles and even reaction to the media.

h) Why now? Hip hop has lost impact, rap is on the decrease, rock hasn’t been able to get back on track, oldies are just making money in Vegas, however, boy bands are making it big. This is the time to launch the new Beatles, this is the time to profit out of an exceptional band.

j) A reality show guru might be a very good hire, somebody like Mark Burnett maybe or at least some one used to make dreams come true.

k) It’s now or never! Europe is ready for the new Beatles, Japan, Australia, Latin America and why not? America.

l) Jimmy Fallon,The Tonight Show, will be the one responsible for greeting The Beatles in America.

m) I will be your Team Leader, the one with the vision, perspective and the ability to make it happen.

Thanks for listening,


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